Gemini 1528LL Automatic Tyre Changer

gemini-1528LLAutomatic leverless tyre changer with pneumatically-operated tilting column of the latest generation, ideal for working on all types of tires (EMT, RFT, CRS, DSST, PAX etc.) for cars, motorcycles and light commercial vehicles from 10” to 31”.


• Self-centring chuck with two rotation speeds (7-14 rpm)

• Inflation gun

• Max. inflation pressure limiter 3.5 Bar (50 Psi)

• Lubrication filter unit

• Set of clamp protectors for alloy rims

• Bead-breaker blade withprotector for alloy rims.



The patented LL system may be fitted on the whole range of Gemini automatic tyre changers, maintaining the standard characteristics of the machine unaltered. It revolutionises the concept of working on tires and wheels in general. It simply and totally resolves problems related to modern wheels: Run-flat, Low-profile and large wheels without damaging rims and tyres.


Rim clamping from outside
Rim clamping from inside
Max. wheel diameter
Max. wheel width
cylinder force
Operating pressure
Power supply
Motor power
10”- 28”
12”- 31”
1160 mm
406 mm (16”)
25500 N
8 – 12 bar
400V 50 Hz – 3 ph*
1,2 – 0,9 kW
220 kg – 238 kg
760 x 1070 x 1130