Opus Air Cool R134a

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OPUS Air Cool R134A is a fully Automatic A/C Service Unit

This high end unit incorporates the essense of the know how accumulated by our experienced technicians. The OPUS Air Cool performs professional A/C service work fully automatically, at minimum operator effort and extremely short throughput times.
The following processes are done fuly automatic;
  • Refrigerant recovery and recycling
  • Residual pressure measurement
  • Used oil drainage
  • Evacuation
  • Leak Check
  • Injection of fresh oil and UV additive
  • Refrigerant charging with service hose
  • Charging amount compensation



  • Charging cylinder storage capacity:                                              15 kg
  • Vacuum pump capacity:                                                               4 cars/hour
  • Print out of important service data, several print outs possible
  • Patented feeding system for fresh oil and UV additive
  • Dust cover included in the delivery kit
  • Fully automatic refrigerant recycling, oil and additive management
  • Automatic vacuum check
  • Automatic injection of leak detection additive
  • integrated charging amount database
  • Operator guidance via large display and manometer
  • Heated charging cyclinder for high speed charging, heat up also possible during the charging process
  • Special air conditioner flush function
  • Large storage area for tools
  • 500 ml used oil container for longer change intervals



Suitable for refrigerantR134a
Manufactured to UL standards of the USA
Purity of recovered refrigerant according to SAE J 2099
Refrigerant recovery rate in kg/h30
Vacuum pump capacity4 cars/h
Capacity of the hermetic compressor in kW0.32
Dry filter capacity in kg150


Refrigerant analysisautomatic
Recovery / recyclingautomatic
Purging of non-condensable gasesautomatic
Purging of used oilautomatic
Vacuum checkautomatic
Nitrogen leak detectionautomatic
Injection of leak detection additiveautomatic
Injection of oil into the A/C systemautomatic
Refrigerant charging automaticautomatic
High/low pressure indicated byManometer
Vacuum indicated onDisplay


W x H x D in mm560 x 1300 x 650
Weight in kg95
Power supply 220/240 V – 50/60 Hz