Mistakes All New Garage Owners Should Avoid

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The team at V-Tech want to help garage owners in every way possible, from providing them with the equipment that they need to get their garages up and running, through to offering tips and pieces of advice that will make them more efficient and help them to avoid the mistakes that could lead to customers going to their competitors.

With all of that in mind, we have compiled a short list of common mistakes that new garage owners have a tendency to make, all of which can damage the trust that customers have in them.


It is important that you are as certain as you can possibly be about a problem with a vehicle before you tell customers about the issue. Many problems have similar symptoms, so it is important that you spend a little bit of time with the vehicle and eliminate any potential issues so that you create a shortlist of possible problems. If you misdiagnose the vehicle, you may end up spending a lot more time chasing the solution to a problem that doesn’t actually exist.

Poor Road Testing

Every vehicle that you work on should be road tested before it is delivered back to the client, bar none. Regardless of how simple the work was, you need to be sure that the car is in good working order before giving it back. Not only does this keep your clients safe, thus improving the trust that they have in you, but it also means that your garage will be protected from any legal ramifications that may arise as a result of not having carried out proper road testing.

Taking Shortcuts

Much like with road testing, it is important that you do everything by the book when working on a car, especially if you have promised customers a service that is on par with the one offered by their dealership. Taking shortcuts by using old parts or creating bodged solutions to problems only leads to the customer having to spend more money to make repairs in the future, which may seem good for your short-term business but will quickly damage the long-term trust your customers have in you, often resulting in poor word of mouth.

Making A Mess

Presentation is as important as the actual mechanical issues that you are looking to fix, so it is important that you clean up any mess that you make as part of completing the work on the car. Smudges and errant fingerprints all make your garage, and by extension the people working in it, look bad.

Buying Cheap Equipment

At V-Tech we aim to supply garage owners with great equipment at competitive prices, but many who are new believe that they can get by through purchasing lower quality equipment at even cheaper rates. In the majority of cases, such equipment will not be long-lasting, plus you may also find that it doesn’t meet the standards required for use in carrying out MOTs or other important tests.

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